It Girl Melissa Benoist’s Wedding, the Happiest Day of Her Life


She is Hollywood’s latest ‘IT’ girl. The main reason for this is her starring role on the hit CW-DC superhero series ‘Supergirl’. Her name is Melissa Benoist. She has one of the prettiest faces in American Television today. She has been married to former Glee co-star Blake Jenner. The wedding happened in 2015. It was obvious from day one of their romance that this was the direction it was heading. Check out facts about Melissa Benoist’s wedding.

The photo shows that both Melissa and Blake make a beautiful couple. The pretty girl has so much love in her eyes for her man.

As everyone can see these two love to spend time with each other. Every occasion that calls for the presence of one them, they bring the other.

Don’t they make a beautiful couple? Certainly they do. In fact the simple beauty of Melissa is what stands out here.

There are no angles that will show that these two do not belong in each other’s arms. They love each other that they sealed it with their wedding in 2015.

The couple just keeps getting more beautiful than ever. That beauty became the highlight of Melissa Benoist’s wedding in March of 2015.

The photo above shows the ring that Blake gave to his future wife when he proposed marriage to her.

At that time, that was the happiest day in the life of Melissa Benoist. Here she is all smiles once again as she spends time with her husband.

They are obviously very ecstatic in this picture for having one another. Who would not be happy when you have someone as beautiful as Melissa beside you always?

Here is Melissa looking ever so beautiful right beside her man. Just by the look on their faces, you will know that they are one happy married couple.

The young couple seems to have everything in place with their marriage and their booming career.

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