Welcome To The World of DHX

If you come across the acronym DHX, what comes to your mind? You might find yourself looking for the exact words to match that acronym, isn’t? Well, the DHX will surely be something you will love to know about. With the increasing trend in the word of technology, DHX will definitely find its place. Yes, this acronym will stand for something unique, one that will mark the start of a new era of the techie people.   Yes, this blog will talk about the soon-to-be famous DHX. We know you feel excited about it, but once you uncover the truth behind it, you will feel more compelled to have a passion for it. It is under the world of virtual games but more adventurous and emotion-driven and action-packed. We feel a great need in this field, so here we have prepared this blog for a step closer to meet that need.   Once again, we invite you to unravel the truth behind the DHX, and we hope that you discover its power to bring joy to you!

It Girl Melissa Benoist’s Wedding, the Happiest Day of Her Life

  She is Hollywood’s latest ‘IT’ girl. The main reason for this is her starring role on the hit CW-DC superhero series ‘Supergirl’. Her name is Melissa Benoist. She has one of the prettiest faces in American Television today. She has been married to former Glee co-star Blake Jenner. The wedding happened in 2015. It was obvious from day one of their romance that this was the direction it was heading. Check out facts about Melissa Benoist’s wedding. The photo shows that both Melissa and Blake make a beautiful couple. The pretty girl has so much love in her eyes for her man. As everyone can see these two love to spend time with each other. Every occasion that calls for the presence of one them, they bring the other. Don’t they make a beautiful couple? Certainly they do. In fact the simple beauty of Melissa is what stands out here. There are no angles that will show that these two do not belong in each other’s arms. They love each other that they sealed it with their wedding in 2015. The couple just keeps getting more beautiful than ever. That beauty became the highlight of Melissa Benoist’s wedding in March of 2015. The photo above shows the ring that Blake gave to his future wife when he proposed marriage to her. At that time, that was the happiest day in the life of Melissa Benoist. Here she is all smiles once again as she spends time with her husband. […]

Kylie Jenner Without Makeup is Just as Stunning

Kylie is known not just for being a part of the Kardashian family, but also for her makeup line. She has built a name for herself and stood out from the rest of her family because she was able to succeed as a businesswoman by trying out what she does best. However, seeing Kylie Jenner without makeup still doesn’t take anything away from her. She still looks amazing and naturally beautiful. Kylie’s freckles are totally adorable. She usually doesn’t post selfies where she is not made up. She looked great though. Kylie is perhaps one of the very few people who can safely say that she woke up like this. She looked absolutely amazing. We normally don’t see Kylie in minimal makeup these days. Whether she puts makeup on or not, she looks great. There are instances when she is just trying to look adorable. She posts selfies where she wasn’t made up yet, wearing clothes we normally don’t see her wear. Despite that, she looks great. This photo was taken as she was heading to the airport. She donned a very simple outfit with barely any make up on. Considering how pretty she is with full makeup on, there is no wonder why she has sold a lot of cosmetics since she started her line. It is rumored that Kylie is starting her own reality show soon. It will follow her daily life. Perhaps, we can see more of her without makeup on. Kylie is definitely a genius. She […]